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Business Ownership Initiative (BOI) is the lending arm of the Indy Chamber’s Entrepreneur Services division. We’re a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and a microlender through the Small Business Administration (SBA), which means we can provide microloans to clients who may not qualify through traditional lending organizations—clients like you. Learn how easy it is to get the funding you need and get started on your application.

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Real stories just like yours…


Chris is the owner of a successful brewery. In order to keep up with the demand his business is generating, he needs $50,000 to buy additional equipment. Because his business is only two years old, a BOI loan was able to meet his needs without interrupting his business growth.


Summer is a new entrepreneur who is launching a startup. She needs $20,000 of working capital to operate her business before she has steady sales. Because Summer is a first-time entrepreneur, a business coach is able to help refine her business model and projections until she is loan-ready.


Josh is a single father who runs a home-based baking business. He needs $5,000 to make upgrades to his space. Even though he doesn’t have a strong credit score, Josh was able to demonstrate his financial stability which allowed him to receive a BOI loan for his long standing business.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is a BOI loan?

We provide loans of $1,000 – $50,000 to a business, either start up or an existing business, with up to 5 employees.  

I would like to meet with a coach to discuss getting a BOI loan. What should I bring to my first appointment?

We have an intake form that we will have you complete at the beginning of the first meeting.  If you have an existing business, it is beneficial to bring your financials for the past two years because that will help with the initial discussion.  In the meeting, the coach will explain the steps required to begin the loan process.

Are there limitations to how I can use the funds?

There are restrictions for how the loan can be used.  You cannot use the loan to refinance debt, purchase real estate, pay taxes or pay owner’s salary.

Does BOI offer lines of credit?

No, all of our loans are structured as a term loan with a fixed interest rate.

What are your interest rates and fees associated with your loans?

Our interest rates are typically in the 6%-9% range with fees (application and closing) of up to 3%.  There are no prepayment penalties with a BOI loan.  

Does the location of the business matter?

Yes, we serve clients and businesses that reside in Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Madison, Hendricks, Hancock, Shelby, Johnson, and Morgan counties.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer loans to clients and businesses outside those counties.

Are there restrictions to the types of businesses that can get loans?

We offer loans to for-profit businesses.  Currently, we do not lend to nonprofit organizations, unless the business meets one of the following exceptions:

  • It is a nonprofit whose main mission is to address the food desert crisis in Central Indiana.
  • It is a nonprofit whose main mission is to offer non-religious and non-denominational childcare services.

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